It was about 12 AM when this happened.

I had recently created a new world. Everything was normal as I began cutting wood down from these cubic trees. At the time, I didn't see any mobs or animals. After I cut some wood down I made a pickaxe. I then went mining for some iron, coal and such. As I stepped down the shaft's stairs, I heard a child scream. I heard footsteps behind me, closing in. I turned around, but nothing was there. After I finished my mining trip, I built my house.

This is where paranormal things started happening.

Around the house, pictures and paintings fell off the wall, blocks started flying around the room and some of my stuff was levitating. I would constantly wake up in the night by hearing sounds coming from the halls, and what made me even more terrified was that the sounds came from the pool of water. Unexplainable chills invaded the air at random times of the night once it became foggy and a thunder storm was in the distance. I went to bed again. I woke up by hearing a big thud. I thought it was nothing and dosed off again. I woke up yet again, and this time I heard a creak on the floorboards. I looked at it, and to my horror, I saw a black figure. It had red eyes, a slit mouth extending to its head, making it look like a permanent smile. It had black ripped clothes, one I could make out to be a Tee shirt of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It didn't have legs. It had a blue face and the nose was bleeding, blood was all over the floor. I looked it in the eyes and then my game crashed. I wasn't able to log in. I played again the next day. I spawned in front of the sign saying "I will see you in hell".

To this day, I haven't played Minecraft since.