the start of great war series

one day xBarkPuppy1 seen devilhacker on his server but devilhacker remembered the great xbarkian leader was so powerful and was xBarkPuppy1 devilhacker got more creepypastas but xBarkPuppy1 got the barkian army to kill the creepypastas they died but they formed into the eye of the soviet east and it deleted a forums but the eye of the soviet east was spammed nuked so much that it destroyed the eye of the soviet east the eye of the soviet east was destroyed in the barkian year 600 that would be 2016 in human years but the eye of the soviet east hided on a forums to form more power but it was destroyed into 2 pieces that 4 that 100000 and the end of the eye of the soviet east happened but it said the creepypasta's souls are still forming back but it said the core power was destroyed that was devilhacker but they hided as wikia members but they were banned from the core barkian power wikia and they were nerver seen in this universe Again but it was said they are in a other universe

Author Note:

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Made by xBarkPuppy1

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