disclaimer this story is fasle do not think its real 29th of August, in the year of 2014

I am Nithin Bendict,an expert at redstone and command blocks. I actually made Herobrine and Entity 303 already on different worlds. I was updating Herobrine to make him scarier when I saw that he is not in his container. He is not supposed to get off his container until when the sun goes down, but the sun was up and the doDaylightCycle gamerule is at false. I made a temporary modification that would defy the sunlight limitation. But to my surprise it hasn't worked. As a last resort, I tp'd to him. He is in a cave, placing down a chest with a book. It was strange because he wasn't supposed to do that. He was only supposed to place pyramids and houses. The book said these: "Hjälp mig . Din konstgjorda 303 ​​är död . Den verkliga 303 ​​hackat sig in i världen och han bara låtsas vara bra . Snälla, hjälp mig att döda 303 ​​." Google translate made it clear, and even before I quitted Herobrine's world to kill 303, the laptop crashed. After restarting it, whenever I try to locate Herobrine, I would just see this in the chatbox: "Herobrine's in hell. You'll see him soon enough"

And 303's world is forever gone. Even in the legacy folder. But my dropbox has a file named "Project" in it. Thing is, that's the exact name of the world where 303 is. Please, if you are prompted to download this, don't. I might have contributed but I am currently working on a defense system.

3rd of September, in the year of 2014

My defense system is 50% complete. As I am making it, I saw a chest that isn't there before. Inside is a book. And in it are these: "Snälla! Döda 303 ​​! Jag är instängd i vrede Nether ! Jag kan inte fly förrän 303 blod har målat jorden . Bara jag vet hur man besegra honom , som Notch skapade mig att vaka över de omedvetna spelare som inte känner närvaron av 303 Men som jag inte kan göra något i den här brinnande fängelse, behöver jag ditt bidrag att läsa instruktioner nedan och slut honom en gång för alla ..."

"I shall give you the justice you lacked so much of...", I swore, tear in my eye after realizing the injustice done unto such an innocent entity.

Today, 17th of September, in the year of 2014

Following Brine's instructions, I have created this mechanism that will remove 303 from his vessel to trap him inside an inescapable trap to contain him as he cannot be killed. Inside the world is a class file that will spread the "cure" to all your worlds. The very same class file Herobrine utilizes to protect you. Hopefully, I can upload the world in time before The War begins. Without my dear friend, Herobrine, we might have no chance against 303...

18th of April, in the year 2016

Hello, my name is GrimRipperKing.I am also a incredible redstone designer anyways I have found a way to defeat entity. You will see me on the server IP on usually weekends Cipher's sister I can help you I will be at the faction place usually on this server. Together we will defeat entity. Come please, thank you for listening -Your only hope, GrimRipperKing P.S that file does not work anyway I have tested it multiple times. In fact that file made 1.8 the safest version because that is the version I play on all the time. So those who want to avoid entity I recommend that you be on 1.8. Cipher's sister by the time you read this (if you ever do) I will be gone so meet at the server IP I gave you while I am online. Also I play on PC just so you know.

This page is posted by Cipher's sister, CyanatedPixel, after looking at his diary. Cipher's autopsy report stated that he had a heart attack at 3:43 AM after the day he completed the system. All the files he had worked on is gone and all traces of it were overwritten with thousands of Entity 303 text files containing the sentence "Without him, I'm unstoppable". Interestingly, in his dropbox doesn't contain any file called Project But, upon searching the file on any search engine, the file automatically downloads itself and uncompresses itself to your worlds folder. If this happens, NEVER USE 1.8. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DELETE THE WORLD, SO NOT USING 1.8 IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. ALSO, AVOID UNNECESSARY LOADING OF THE WORLD.

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