This story is of course false

The fallen error was made by the 303 hacking group before they made entity 303 but it failed long ago it was really known about till I have known because of my encounters with it here's the story of the frist encounter I was playing with my friends we were about creepy pasts having fun chating till we found a cave where we all went our I found an unimaginable amount of diamonds so I just thought it was bug then I started just started mining them till I heard a scream so I quickly ran to one of friends but he had no name tag his skin was mosty black it had a white and a black leg his chest was all black so was his face just with purple eyes It immediately teleported away after that I got teleported to some kind of dungeon made out of bedrock and one red stone torch I looked around then heard explosions right behind but of course I found nothing behind me than a wave creepers spawned but they didn't explode at all just didn't move than they all died Than appeared again the fallen error this time he stood staring at me without any movment as my screen was hazy then he disappered after a minute I was teleported into the cave but with redstone on the floor I went mining again like nothing happened then went to a village I made a bed and a house with Windows stayed there for a while till it rained arrows and thunder struck every house burning excpet for my house which was strange and I stared in horror and in the midst of the fire the fallen error appeared this time an army of him every one explodeing and buring everything with thunder till everyone disappered excpet for one as arrows rained again every arrow with an effect on it I didn't know what to do I crafted armour and a sword with the diamondss I got and went to him I started attacking then immediately the game crashed saying sorry I went back in to find so much lag for 30 minutes then it stoped suddenly and half the world was exploded and among the remaining someone was watching I went to him but you guessed it disappered then I heard footsteps I started running at the fastest speed I could knowing his the fallen error it was terrifying till it stoped I looked back and there was no one then I contuied running and fell in hole which led to a tunnel the path way was dirt I tired to break the dirt but I failed until the tunnel reached it's end with a scream I found myself in a house with bed then came in someone he started eating and acting normal his name was dave I typed in the chat resulting in this conversation:



<me>may I ask you who are you?

<dave>of course I am named dave and this my house

<me>umm why do you live in such a strange place?

<dave>well you know because half the world here is destroyed so I am trying to hide

<me>okay now who built the tunnel I came in through to get here?

<dave>why are you asking me?

<me>wait!so you didn't make it?

<dave>of course I didn't

<me>dave behind you


Then dave got exploded by creepers and zombies appeared and started attacking me I fougut then of course died I spawned back again in the dungeon then fallen error stood at one of the skulls and disappeared I quickly exited minecraft and didn't saw him again until the second encounter which takes place in January 22st 2014 and frist took place in October now Me and Tom Were playing In Our survival World  We built our House Then after We Built It Our Wood And Food Were done So we Went To Get Food And Wood After that We Went back To The House Where We found the house Turned Into A sign Saying " I Am Watching" I Didn't Get scared So I broke It And Tom Was Freaking Out But I Told It's Probably A Bug So We Built Built A New House Then We Went Mining Nothing Important Happened There  Till We Went Back To The House Ans The House Was burned Then Immediately it started To Rain arrows Me and Tom Ran To A Tree  Where Tom Disappeared And Immediately After Me  I was teleported To Some Kind Of Prison Where I found Tom In A cell then We started Talking Resulting In This Conversation 

<Tom>Stop Trolling 

<me>But I Am Not

<Tom>you are And You Won't Say It Or Course 

<me>Look I Am Not Trolling

After that my Game Crashed The Crush  Messge Said  Don't Come I Opened Minecraft Ignoring The Warning  I spawned In A Cave's entrance Where I found A sign Saying Come I thought To Myself Why is He inviting Me Now? But I Just Went In Where I found A Tunnel Leading To Dave's Exploded House Then I went back To The entrance Where Stood The Fallen Error He crashed My Game Then I went back To find That the server was deleted(I don't know I Will make a thrid encounter But for Now This the end)

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