The farlanders

ok so i made a world then compressed the world using a mod and it had farlands nearby so i told some friends to join

<Kr4zirox> Check this world out

<Pandaninja01> why?

<Kr4zirox> I called some other people

<Pandaninja01> Who?

<PizzaTacos> Hi

<Kr4zirox> Thats Who

<PizzaTacos> what are you even talking about

<Kr4zirox> Never mind

<PizzaTacos> why did i even join you i couldve gone on hypixel

<8491849> No you couldnt have

PizzaTacos Have left the game PERMANATELY

<Kr4zirox> WHAT?

<Kr4zirox> start gathering wood Now


<Kr4zirox> Panda ninja?

<Pandaninja01> Oh sorry eating pizza

<Kr4zirox> collect some wood

<Pandaninja01> Got it

<Kr4zirox> Ok good

I collect some wood at the edge of the farlands and i see a diamond block

<Kr4zirox> Hey panda ninja

<Pandaninja01> What?! i just crafted a chest placed it opened it and there was a wierd missing texture block apparently its called a 1r0n p1ck4x3

<Kr4zirox> eh i found a diamond block in the far lands come see

He walks over.

<Pandaninja01> Whos that?

He looks down at the diamond block and theres PizzaTacos Skin?

<P1zz4T4c0s> ENTER

<Kr4zirox> im fine

<P1zz4T4c0s> ENTER

<Pandaninja01> Kraz just ignore it

<Kr4zirox> Ok

i walk over to spawn and build my house

night falls quickly


<Pandaninja01> Ok coming

he enters the house and i point at the window he sees 13 endermen but they have green eyes

<P1zz4T4c0s> Couldve survived

<Pandaninja01> uh 1 second my mum wants Me to come HErodiwhduoahoshouahdwhauhsduhrugfydaygf

<P1zz4T4c0s> is he dead?

<Kr4zirox> Yes.

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