One day, i was playing Minecraft, and my game was lagging a lot. I decided to leave the game so i could save it, and the lag was still there. Just about when i was about to enter my house, a creeper showed up and exploded. I died (of course) and i respawned. there was a message on the chat dialogue saying "Cool_Kid_74 failed to know what a creeper is." "That must be a new message to the game." i think to myself, but yet, it could be a player or command block sending that message. I went outside, and i saw a character where i died. This character looked exactly like me, accept it was frozen and glitching around. I tried to hit the character, but when i did, the character strangely teleported away. I thought the character disappeared, but while i was in a cave system, i saw the same character, but with red eyes. Then, the character placed down a sign, and the sign had a lot of jibberish crap all over it. The sign just read symbols. Random symbols. But these symbols meant something. I searched up the symbols on google and the symbols meant "glitch". The symbols repeated five times, so did the word. at this point, i knew this was not a glitch, and the character actually existed in the game. I tried to leave the game, but as i pulled up the pause menu, there was a message saying "Join Me???" There was 3 options. 2 read yes and 1 read no. i pressed no in fright, and when i got out of the menu, there was a sign in my world saying "There is no escape." I exited to the menu, and the splash text on the menu screen said "There will be no escape, my friend." Then my game crashed and it did not turn back on. What ever i tried, the game never loaded up. I tried to reinstall the game, and that worked. When i went into the game, my save file was strangely still there. i loaded it up, and the whole world was glitched, all accept this one sign and 2 buttons. "Join me, Cool_Kid_74?" the sign read, and the buttons read "Yes" And "No". I clicked yes to maybe stop this glitch from happening. But i was wrong.