IMG 0899

The illuminati pyramid hovering above the bridge

Note:This is fake and only for entertainment purposes.

2 years ago, a boy called Jack was playing minecraft and got haunted by it. It was unknown if it was a virus or a hacker. This was his story:

I am haunted by the illuminati. Please, believe me. It's a pyramid, a dark, haunting pyramid. It kept saying,"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU MUST WAKE UP WAKE UP". The whole story is 1 day ago, when I got minecraft. I was very happy. I played my first world with the seed,"X". I spawned in the water and had to swim to a nearby island. There was so much wood, I got 120 wood blocks in total. I hid behind a tree and a grass at night from mobs, because I haven't got my bed yet. Next day(in Minecraft) I got wool and crafted into a bed and placed it. 2 minuted later, I finished my house. I made a bridge to my treehouse that I built earlier. So one day, I was going to the treehouse with the bridge until a eerie sound invaded. The X files intro song played. I was shocked like, what the heck was going on, and the illuminati appeared on my screen hovering above the bridge. The chat was spamed with red words saying,"WAKE UP WAKE UP MORTALS WAKE UP YOU MUST WAKE UP WAKE UP!". Then my game crashed. I reloaded minecraft again, but the menu screen was differnt. It was green and red. I clicked play and loaded my world. I was in my bridge, but it was on fire, somehow. There was red stone wires everywhere. It was too late. The bridge was falling down. Suddenly, the X files intro song played again. I looked around, and saw a black figure with only one red glowing eye behind me. It had a triangle thing in its shape. I screamed and quit minecraft. But I couldn't. The illuminati figure came closer and closer, until the x files intro song stopped. The figure's face covered my screen, making strange ghostly noises. Then my game crashed again. This time, i couldn't shut down or re open my computer. It was just a black screen with a illuminati symbol. I closed my PC after 1 hour and went to sleep. But I could see something, like, a black pyramid with a eye, staring at me.

The next night, my friend came in to my house and played with me. We built a house out of wood, like normal. WIP

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