just like the old days

It was in the old days of Minecraft 1.5.2 I was a noob at that time,I made a new world and got some wood I made a "house" (2 story block of wood)I noticed it was almost night so I went to a cave to get coal for torches (I didn't know charcoal existed)When I found a batch of coal in a nearby cave something exploded behind my back and i got HUNGER EFFECT(it was a peaceful world)I went back and I think I saw a shape behind me.When I went back I couldn't find my house,I left the game and went off.

The next day I found out the save was gone.I made an Epic world with a really nice cave house.I left and that save got deleted as well!Over the next few weeks Whenever I played Minecraft I didn't see any animals nor mobs

A long time after (1.9)Once I played A new Minecraft server called It looked like a role-play world.I started with an old looking house.I went in it had average stuff and a basement.I decided to work at a burger restaurant.I went to a dance club.I looked in the chat and a girl said."The lucky player gets money" I ran with the other people to the door where the person was.I turned around and saw it was a GIRL dance club.I felt embarrassed because I was a boy.

I felt really happy because the person chose me.He opened the door.I went in, a different person snuck in I looked at the person.Blinked and saw him dead on the floor.It wasn't A regular lying player.Just a disturbing body cut in half.I turned around and saw it.The Dark figure from 1.5.2, Everyone crashed and I was stuck in.I couldn't turn off my Minecraft or PC.I tried to unplug it and punch it but it stayed intact.

The shady figure said,"like in the old days" he did something probably impossible in Minecraft, He ripped out my heart.The air bar appeared and I started dying.Then my mc crashed I heard a voice say"The game is life"Then I froze, I didn't feel my heart.I shouted, it said“don't shout Save your oxygen”

I got my phone.I would have got a heart attack if I had a heart.The battery was dead.Luckily I practiced holding my breath instead of listening to class so I head an impressive 5 mins left.Then I thought “thank you lord"Because I remembered at mass The priest gave me A wired phone,he also said" you'll need it"I ran to the basement and plugged the phone in, While it was loading(after the 4 weeks I didn't use it)I heard footsteps and a Voice like A nightmare say “that's a smart one "With 3 mins left I locked the door with A key.I called 911 And I said “come to [DATA CENSORED]And bring An ambulance with an artificial breathing machine.I had a high morale as I played E SPORTS and the cop recognized my voice, I also said to bring 8 swat officers

then I heard A bang on the door saying" let me in like I let you"the swats then came in the house,I heard gunfire and a dead silence I actually thought it was my ear malfunctioning because of the lack of air.I then fainted...I was sure I was dead but I awoke in a hospital room with no windows,the room had blood on the walks the shadow more like a terrifying man said,I don't like meat that didn't get enough air, I saw an old Minecraft logo, I felt my limbs tore apart and a crunch, before I knew it, they weren't mine, they were a different persons, it was my turn having my body eaten but I escaped.

Now im a wandering lone ghost that wants