I was on my Minecraft realm. Waiting for my sister to join. We were gonna play a mini-game together, but when someone joined, it was not my sister.

Me: yo

698972: you won't last long.

Me: wtf? Get off my server or I will make you.

698972: it's funny how this game is still alive.

Me: stop being a freak and log off my server NOW

698972: I cant

Me: oh really...

I attempted to ban him from my realm, but the ban button never worked.

698972: your final hour is coming...

698972 left the game.

I was disturbed even more when my game closed and my computer got rebooted. I decided to just shrug it off and log back on. But every single server I joined, would always have him as the owner. One server, called codecraft was the creepiest. I logged on but it simply crashed and teleported me into some weird game. in it, there was a strange, blue figure running towards me. I tried to run, but I couldn't. When he got close, the game simply closed. Then my entire screen became staticky. I was able to open YouTube without a problem, but the only video was called "FI3A11Y". It was a video of a man shooting a Mojang Developer with a gun. After that, in real life, it said there was motion at my door and a man with an Axe was coming out of his car and onto my doorstep. I called the police and luckily, they arrested him before he got into my house. Then a day later, the same man tweeted me a security footage at the prison of him shooting the cops and breaking out of the prison, my final hour is now...