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This pasta is unfinished and is likely to be a journal-type pasta. If this page has not been edited for a while, then contact the author. In extreme cases, add a part yourself.
It is out! The second series of my first creepypasta. Hope you like it. If you don't know the first part, it is The Lumbering Jack.

I-I don't know where to start.....He's near......HE'S BACK! My friend died cause of him. Now I'm going to get the same fate.....death. He was haunting me. Watching me all along. You might know my friend. The giant axe stuck on a boy's back? That was him! The woods. I'm near the woods. My house IS near the woods. LJ can kill me in 67 different ways. The detective, he's a jerk. Never picked up the phone when I called him. Never came when LJ was near. His name is Lan Jacksons. Strange name, right? I'll tell you the story.

It was an average day in minecraft. I was mining in a shaft. I live in a village. I got 2 diamonds and 12 iron ores, so I got deeper to find more diamonds and emeralds for trading. Suddenly, lava came out. I burned, but I got out of it and only got 4 hearts remaining. A laughing sound made me jump. What was it? I suddenly teleported back to my village, and somehow, it was really foggy. No rain, no snow. Just fog. I turned around. The fog was so thick I couldn't see anything. Only the sun shining. I used the torches I built to see clearly through the fog. Villagers disappeared. I walked through it until I found something, or somewhere.....

It was the woods biome. The fog slightly changed and I could see things more clearly. It was nighttime in real life and in minecraft. There was a sign waiting for me. It said "I HAVE RETURNED." I couldn't believe it. I walked through the woods and found houses, blood, and heads of stevies. Most of the trees were half chopped and some were marked with strange Xs.

When I reached a house made with bricks, I finally saw him. He was holding an axe and with white glowing eyes. He charged at me. I ran screaming. I bumped into a tree and he caught me. He spitted out red stone particles and I was affected with blindness and nausea. His face then suddenly grinned and made laughing noises. After about 2 sec, my screen was covered with his face. There was a loud ghast and Herobrine noises. I closed MC and threw away my computer. I jumped into my bed and cried. I was feared the most tonight than the day I watched a ghost movie. I looked through the window, and saw the woods. The trees fell off one by one, until I saw a figure holding a bloody axe with white eyes, staring at me.

This is it. I'm done with this life. (CRASH!) He's in my house. Crashed through the door. The door! He's here. I-I-I actually loved my life. But I blew it. Good luck, myself. I hope LJ never kills anyone the loved ones. (CRASH!) (SLASH!) (BAM!)

This is the detective. You now know my name, and my identity. LJ has killed another victim, and people are living in fear.He knew my identity,so I kill him. Yes...I killed him. I am the one. The murderer. The slayer. The boy who showed you my identity has a axe stuck in his neck and I crushed his bones. I am....The Lumbering Jack. (Tears off his disguise) Hahahaha!

Part III:Not very sure to be released!