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|+The victims of the Virus !Date !Number of noobs |- |19/8/2014 |1769 |- |27/5/2015 |2867 |- |30/1/2016 |5974 |- |23/11/2016 |9368 |- |31/1/2017 |14981 |}


This is not real.

Author's Note

Hey! This is TinyToast and this is my first TrollPasta! Hope you all Enjoy it!

The beginning:

Garrett was in a server called ClassicGames. Unexpectedly, he was the only Pro in the server. Everyone was a noob. Garrett decided to play Survival Games.He spawned in, circling the 5 chests.







When it started, he had to parkour to the chests and he took 3/5 from the chests. He didn't run away and the immunity worn off. They had to fight.

The fight...

One of them built itself a pillar made out of dirt. 2 of them sheltered themselves in a dirt hut. And the rest went to God-knows-where in Andromeda Galaxy. The dirt pillar guy was easy for Garrett, He shot him with the bow and finished the noob off with the sword.

RainDrain was slain by GreatGarrett.

The Hut guys were standing still in the hut and Garrett cracked it open with the TNT. Those guys tried to kill him with their wooden swords. He vanquished them my swinging his iron sword at them. and took their useful items.

HardHart was slain by GreatGarrett

BricknBread was slain by GreatGarrett

3 down, 4 to go. The rest killed each other.

fireduck9348293847 was slain by AltEfficaciouser

BrWrongave was slain by AnoMinormaly

When they were the last three they were teleported to the mid. There could be the only one.


*Chest openings*, *Blade bashings*, *Slash*, *grunts*, *blade bashings*, *another slash*, *a grunting voice: impossible! no one can defeat me!*, *ughhhh*, *ded*.

AltEfficaciouser was slain by GreatGarret

AnoMinormaly was slain by GreatGarrett

[Server]GreatGarrett wins!


Suddenly, Garrett was kicked. Reason: Hax and disrespecting the Dead Bushes


Garrett said: Whatever, stupid noobs. And then the Antivirus detected a trojan virus. It was "N00B.exe" virus. He found in the files images: First it was a Derpy Steve, Then a dirt pyramid, then an inventory full of Dead Bushes and then a dirt golem throwing a pro in the air. Then a message popped up. It said "go to this link for destroying the virus: ----------------------------" (I censored the link. It's fake anyway). And he was sent to a video which lasted a minute. There was a hypnotizing type of video. it was associated with Derpy Steve, Dead Bushes, dirt. When he was watching the video, the virus deleted the Minecraft account. After the video, Garrett forgot the experience from minecraft, turning him into a noob, turning him into one of THEM. After the video, the virus had deleted itself. Don't go to the ClassicGames and try to win. Or don't go at all! This increases the chance of the extinction of the Pro Minecraft Players.


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