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pasta was added to minecraft it was very good it was the best food in minecraft and it filled up 10 chicken nuggets and it gave you strength II And resistiance II forever and regeneration IV for 1 minute it was made with a diamond block and an enchanted golden apple and wheat and a bowl. They made an update where u can combine pasta with diamond armor And it gave you the same effects as the pasta but it also Gave regeneration II forever .


I went on a server played survival with some people we had the pasta armor so we were pretty much invincible but then herobrine came on the server and killed everyone except for me and my team so we tried killing but he was too strong so i ran while my team distracted him and made a pasta bow it had infinity arrows couldnt break and it did a bunch of damage. I went back to fight herobrine and tried shooting him but i had bad aim so i gave pasta bows to my team and we shot him at the same time and he died but before he died he said my mom isnt gonna be happy about this! and then we got weal scared.

It has been months after me and my team killed herobrian so one day i took herobrians body out of storage without anyone knowing.

It was dinner time tonight i made it i made a delicous meal everyone complimented it and then bill said whats this made of its really good!

I responded its medium rare herobrine.

my team all shouted WHAT! and jack said herobrians mom is surely gonna kill us now.

then everyone continued eating.

after that night me and my team went to a swamp to buy some stuff from shrek we found many slimes in there suddenly a slime ate bob the slime became gigantic so then i thew a bucket of lava in it and it died so bob was freed.

We needed to go to a swamp to see someone, shrek when we found him he screamed WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!

We responded "we would like to buy some shades" and he said "ok" so we bought 4 of them for all of us.

then when we got back to base we mixed our pasta helmets with the shades and it became way more powerful.

More coming soon

I hope you enjoyed this CrappyCreepypasta

made by skeleton.