It was about a month after Chicken, Deadlock, Skeleton and Themaster had taken over the wiki. It seemed like things would be getting better, but not for very many. All across the wiki, flames of civil war seemed ready to break out. Chicken78 and his small army were facing a swarm of mostly non-account users, lead shockingly by Chicken78's old best friend from the green steve war! What happened on that very day changed the wiki forever!

The wiki after deadlocks revolution

The wiki after the revolution was in a seemingly good state of rebirth from the horrors of LifeUpStudios' reign. The new admins started banning trolls, spammers and other evil-doers, which did good for the wiki. But in order to stop them, Themaster briefly banned non-account users. Although that was a good way to fix it, it unfortunately made many angry. Then came Chicken78's attack on Trollpastas. He deleted nearly all of them before skeleton could revive them which lead to trollpasta users liking Skeleton and creepypasta users liking Chicken78. Though, little did they know the feud was about to break out, which would shake the wiki forever.

The feud

Angered bye the trollpasta deletion a small group of unknown not logged in users gather in one of there message walls. The talked about what to do. They tried to get skeleton on their side,but he wanted peace on the wiki. Chicken saw this and started gathering his supporters in a militia he called "Chicken45's army". The trollpasta lovers gathered and made what was basically a declaration of independence! Soon battles where breaking out all across the wiki. A trollpasta user post a deletion tag on a creepypasta weather it was part of the feud or not we may never know. Chicken and his army then went on a rain of terror deleting trollpasta and banning any user then found writing them. nearly every trollpasta had been deleted. then trollpasta users fought back! many creepypasta where vandalized. As well as screen attacks bye send all cap very harsh messages to chickens supporters. Chicken78 had admin rights which made then fight easier. Most of the revolted trollpasta user filed the wiki or where banned. Then they went to wiki staff though filed to get The sucker admin rights as they planed. which is why trollpasta is no longer the main category of the wiki, although skeleton remade many they where not wiped out like they almost where. through out the war and before the war trollpasta rebels tried to get skeleton two there side if they had it could have been much bloodier and the trollpastas may have even won, if they had won then this would be a completely different wiki.