Once I was playing Minecraft on a server. There was a desert temple. When I looked at it for a second I thought I saw what looked like Green steve. I thought " It can't be, It's just a player." Over the next few days other players said they saw stuff like villagers going missing, and something behind them that killed them, and afterwords most of their food was taken. Some said they saw a player that looked like the one I had seen. I told some people about it. The admins wanted to block him but could not find him in the list of players. It was clear that this mystery player was no player but some kind of mob. I started forming an army to fight this mob. I got 25 players and we marched on the temple. We spotted the Green Steve-like beast and we attacked it. But a lot of us hit other players and soon a battle broke out between ourselves and the green mob got away.

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