Today I am one of the best recpected users of this wiki. But it wasn't allows that way, In fact I was once a know troll and creepypasta bevlvier well heres my story.

My time as a troll

I first came to this wiki in early 2016, to post a creepypasta that back then I post everywhere, called Green steve, Green steve was a rather short low faith pasta yet I loved the story then. I actulley bevlivied green steve existed in minecraft, well anyway users such as deadlock and skeleton who knew all pasta where fake started saying green steve was when me and my two friends one a wikia user not logged in and we never nicknamed him and another the infamus 123hillbilly where saying it was real. Soon thre was an all out war with deadlock and skeleton on one side and us three on the other. In an action agienst deadlock and skeleton 123hillbilly went overboard with vandilizum and was banned from the wikia network. As for me I gave up on green steve and stopped saying it was real and I soon made peace with skeleton and deadlock thuogh they never trusted the wikia ccontributer I still did, which would soon prove a near fatal mistake!


Once green steve was forgotten my eyes where open to the start of the wiki trolls and vandals where almost everywhere! I thuoght to myself "The users of this wiki need a leeder and now they are about to have one...DEADLOCK!" So I soon found deadlock had simaler plains. Dealock contacted wiki staff for admins. Deadlock was soon given Admin a burreant rights and gave me and master and skeleton admin rights. We had not planed on fighting lifeupstudios back we had to. One of his biggest supporters da sucker told him on another wiki of the user rights request lifeupstudios had only one plane, crush the new admins! Then I knew he had to be overthrown. The battle was about to begiun user agienst user the old blood of lifeupstudios agienst the new admins. My first action was to unblock emny users who lifeuphad banned "meny not for to good of reasons" . The battle begun the battle begun lifeupstudios and his forces struck first bbut we hit back, and hit back harder after a day of flame war lifeupstudios surrendered and was banned.

counter rebllion

Lifeupstudios was gone but we had a wiki to rebuild. We started bye deleting most trollpastas and banning the users who made the spam pages. Remeber the wiki contributer? Well I had basicly forgotten him. I had new friends he was forgotten and he knew it, sad isn't it. That a growing agner among trollpastains would nearly destroy all I worked to create, the new paes nearly gone the best pages smashed bye riots, that nearly happend! As temtinans grow I biult up an army in case of a fued. Trollpasta users saw this as no less then a decluration of war! The leeder of this was the wiki contributer! He gathered trollpasta users and pu delete taps on several creepypastas. my army arivaved and battle broke out. Bye the end of the today or then half the trollpastas where destroy and all the revolters banned. I messaged the wiki contributer on last time I said "I will never forget"

my return

i left the wiki for some time i returned thuogh, when i returned i discovered the wiki had suffered meny attacks from a user called thatguyenity, who had been defeatted. After that I had a vow never to leave the wiki again.

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