Well, it was a normal day. I decided to start up Minecraft. I was followed by a couple of my friend. We decided to build a Fnaf Sister Location. When we got done building it. They all went afk. So, I was putting up the Stands and, then Iron Golem steps were coming from outside, but when I looked outside; nothing was there and I did not remember any of us making an Iron Golem, why would we need one in the first place. I decided to put a Fire on top of the building with Nether rack on the bottom, so it wouldn't go out. I decided to build a cave home I was on the watch, because I was very Paranoid at this point and decided to watch the building, suddenly the fire went out, but Nether rack was under it. There is a certain sound that is makes; whenever a person puts it out, but another when it is put out naturally. I memorized these sound and it was the sound made when someone puts it out.