Hi. Have you read the Treeman story. Well, i'm the original writter for that page. That's the real experience! However, it's just a prank from my friends.

Actually, the forest has discovered by them. They put everything over there.

So, i said that i finding river to get the water. About something walking? Well, it just my friend following me with invisibility effect.

Getting hurt while fill the water into the bucket? It just him too shooting an arrow to me.

Two Red rectangular on the tree? Its not red eyes or something. It just red stained clay on the tree with torch to make it more creepy.

About treeman that i found in front of the door? It just my ex-friend changing skin to treeman. I didn't notice that he got a nametag box. His in-game name is " ". Only one space, making his nametag is hard to see.

Hjalp? It's my friend put the sign over there. Its mean "help" in swedish.

A cat spawned in the forest? My friend got mod installed on him mcpe. He can spawn cat even he is not op or in survival mode.

Someone fighting? My ex-friends trolling me again. Two of them fight under the shelter. When they heard me opened the door, they stopped.

Grave next to our shelter. Daus put it there. He learn how to make a grave by a youtuber, MagmaMusen.

So, i'm banned them and 'treeman' is no longer existed in my server