The Unknown Entity (TUE).

The Unknown Entity could look and and act like player,Herobrine,Entity 303,but one thing he couldn't do is to act like entity Dansk.The Great War that was in the Barkian year 50 made it happen,but it was unknown that Entity Dansk formed in a time like 500th century BC with the Unknown Entity,but the Unknown Entity attacked xBarkPuppy1.

The Attack.

303 joins the game. (The Unknown Entity)

xBarkPuppy1: I think I know you're not 303,you're THE UNKNOWN ENTITY.

303: No.I am not,now I will attack you like a bird.(The Unknown Entity is stupid sometimes by not acting like 303 etc...)

TUE attacks xBark and it shows blood.

xBark attacks TUE with a knife with blood.

TUE super attacks xBark with a huge knife.

A Barkian named xBarkKittyKat gets in the room and attacks The Unknown Entity with a diamond bomb sword.

The Unknown Entity is turned into a stone block for 5 days,so on 2/10/2017 he will be free on that day.

Author's Note:

A diamond bomb sword is a diamond sword that has bomb-like effect.

TUE means The Unknown Entity.

There will be more added on soon.

Made by xBarkPuppy1.

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