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Remember, this is fake, i made fake names (accept for dp114 dats me)

friends with me until...

me, Dp114 was playing with my friends dean kyle and Martha. we deiced to play on one of my worlds, all i had was a small house with some iron and tools. we all split up to do things, dean and I were trying to find a cave to mine in while kyle and Martha were getting food and getting wood. everything was all fine until the next day, the next minecraft day we were exploring this giant desert boime i mean it was HUGE! we found a desert temple, but the 3x3 space was open! then in chat it read:

Kyle left the game

<stevio??hia.108> banish complete (note stevion??hia.108 is random)

<dp114> WHO IS THIS?

<stevio??Hia.108> IT IS THE NEW RULER OF adhwihuadunjssahnkjiduh

then we got scared and went back to the house in panic

when we got back, our house wasn't a house, it was a giant mansion made out of water type blocks and then, we saw him, endersteve

we were freaked out and tried to run again, but we were blocked by bedrock. and soon we were banned from the server and soon minecraft crashed, in the text said: BANISHING PROCESSES KILLING today~+1

the next day there were people knocking on my door.

i jumped out of my window to escape them, but what about my friends! Kyle's been banished...and out in my back yard, was the dark steve! he came running after me with a diamond axe! i barely exscaped then i found out that it was a dream, but the others played the game too, but kyle was missing!