Some of you guys might have Read my story named the creepypastas where Null, Herobrine, and Entity 303 worked together to fight death, we all thought he died, but he didn't, Let's continue

The Portal

I go to the mine! i said to my wife, Okay! she said, ill make dinner when you come back! And so i got, with my diamond pickaxe, to the mine. When i entered the mine, everything got obsidian and all escapes where blocked by bedrock, i only could go downstairs, a Portal was standing there, there was a story written in the walls around it (Pictures where written)

The empire god could never rule, the empire the deads honor, the empire the alives are scared for, ruled by death himself, be warned, traveler, entering this portal will result in your nightmare.

I was so stupid to enter...

The world of Death

I entered the portal, and I got warped to a graveyard, Null was standing there...

<Null> I'm sorry... i couldn't save you, Death has chosen me to look if you can enter his empire

<Me> I thought we where friends

<Null> We are, but Death took my soul, i serve him now.

<Null> Come

And so i followed him to a statue of Death, in one hand he had a skull, in 1 hand he had a heart

<Null> Step on the platform, it will tell me if you are dead or alive

So I did what he said and the platform raised in the air

The Skull started glowing

<Null> Ur dead, u can enter the world of the Death.

<DEATH> Welcome.... As you can see i took your friend, and even your life

<Me> You can NEVER beat me...

<DEATH> I did... Null created me, I saw him as my father, until he left me like i was trash

<Me> *Cough cough* you are


I took my sword and said: FOR LIFE

And got awaken by my wife in the mine, the portal was gone...