1.07.2013 Mojang added new version of Minecraft - 1.6.1. In the same day 3 other versions was added too.

Mojang wrote on Twitter that in 'Bugfix Update' they repaired world generator bug.

3 versions in the same day..

Version with old world generator bug was saved on some users computers. Then users share this version on Reddit. Someone find in the world generator code command which rendering a strange structure under the bedrock on 2123 x, 2321 z, -418 y. Yesterday I download the old version files and check this structure. I broke the bedrock on gamemode 1, take 64 Golden Apples and jump into a hole on survival. When I was on 2123 x, 2321 z, -418 y I fell onto a strange thing. After this I used command. I found this structure under bedrock

Throne Hall

and I wasn't hurt. I named this place 'Throne Hall', beacuse it's looks like Throne Hall made of bedrock. I pasted here a screenshots of structure.


I don't know what is it but it's on -418 y so I think that has something to do with C418 and probably with music disc 11...


~If I made some mistakes please correct it! ;)

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