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It wasn't his cold sweater that was making him nervous. It wasn't the dark area that was making him scared. A young man, Buck, was sitting on the floor, his laptop opened. He turned to see Dereck, who was his friend, nervous. They were having a sleepover, which was this night.

"Dude, let's play something." Buck exclaimed. "Minecraft?" Dereck said, pointing at the little minecraft icon on the screen of his laptop. Buck agreed, and they double-clicked the minecraft icon and went multiplayer; whitelisted for only two of them.

The clock hands slowly raced from hour to hour as the two boys happily played Minecraft, joking and laughing.

As they might not have noticed, the hour hand had slowly screeched to a stop at the Devil Hour:

3:00 AM

The strong wind blew in, knocking off the windows and scared all the curtains away. Trees danced in the wind furiously.

This caught Buck's attention. strong wind? He thought, confused. He looked at the clock, dropped his mouth wide and began to shiver.

"3 AM!" Shrieked Buck, quivering. "It's the devil hour! We should do something now!" Dereck, rolling his eyes, replied, "Do you believe in that stuff? It's fake."

"It's TRUE!" yelled Buck.

"Look, I'll prove it to you, Buck." And with that, Dereck screamed with his loudest voice ever, echoeing through his neibourhood:"DEMON??!? YOU ARE FAKE! COME HERE IF YOU ARE REAL! YOU DON'T EVEN EXIST!"

Buck was getting nervous. His cold sweater felt it had gone frozen. He felt the dark areas of the room slowly gulping up the lights.

"You did it." Buck said. Some drops of tears fell down his warm cheeks. "You crying, bro?" Dereck said, still calm. "Let's just play minecraft. Besides I've already yelled and no signs of demons-"

He was cut off when they heard something. Something that sounded like a laughter a few blocks away. An evil laughter.

"Dereck, you made it came." Buck said, pointing at him, shaking. "Look, it's probably a neibour watching a horror movie like the conjuring or something. Let's just play minecraft."

Buck didn't argue no more. His cheeks had gone cold has ice. His skin turning pale. Finally, after about some thoughts, Buck slowly nodded.

They continued playing Minecraft. At first nothing kind of happened. "See?" Dereck said, pointing out. "Nothing to be afraid of."

Buck rolled his eyes. He didn't believe Dereck, and now Buck was very sure that a dark demon will come to them and hunt them down.

In Minecraft

Buck and Dereck were on survival mode. They just finished building their small shack which they can shelter in.

"C'mon in." Said Dereck. "Let's go in and rest." And with that he opened the wooden door of the shack with a screech, and went inside. Buck nodded and went in, too.