So I was just out of high school and my dad had lost his job. I needed money and fast. I started to look for a job. The only one I found that I thought I could do was a video game test for minecraft. It sounded great at the time. Getting paid to play minecraft. If I had only know what would happen.I went to were it would be. After being told how much I would be paid I was really happy. I was lead to a small dark room with a PC.I set down on the char and wires were put in my head. I was told that they would read my mind to see how much I thought about the game and how much of thoughts drifted.I was lefted in the room for about 2 hours of fun before it started to get wired. At first as I tried to invison my self in the game like I had been told to do I felt like I was in the game for a few seconds. during that time my mind was freeking out for so reason. Over the next 7 hours I tried to invison my self in the game. It was pretty fun going into the game, I knew it wasn't real. As the hours went bye It became harder and harder to come back out. I am wright this as I play I hope you will find this and know my story for I am about to be a part of minecraft FOREVER...

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