There once was a land that was built long ago.

There lived multiple users, all continuing that build with their creativity. "How", you may ask? Stories. Lots' of 'em. Their creativity allowed for a whole lot of opportunity. The community was like the flow of life through their spirit. It meant a lot to them.

The most important users were Yoshfico123, Nk-the-epic, Chicken10, SCP-Deadlock, Skeleton32211, TheMysteriousHood, WaffleDinosaur, JustJuuno and Ittybittybummer. These nine users, also known as "The Great Novebmernarian Users" Are the most active, truthful, humorous and creative.

People write their stories on paper, then deliver them to the publishing post, where it gets sent to the pillars of shielding.

These pillars are critical to the wiki. There are an infinite amount of them, but the only thing that can activate them are stories. These pillars keep the stories suspended in a stasis electricity field, shooting up to the sky to hit a dome, expanding the wiki even more. Of course, the better a story is, the more effective this is.

The MOST significant pieces of the wiki lie deep underground. The Seven Plagues of Truth.

These seven plagues are giant 30 mm Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Gold, Platinum and Osmium spheres, all kept in special glass pillars. This is like the foundation of the wiki. In order from before, they represent "Legalism, Balance, Republic, Wisdom, Empathy, Courage and Fury."

Legalism, the diamond sphere, outlined the strategic ruleset of the wiki. Never break rules, or else banning will be applicable. Balance, the Emerald sphere, represented the equality of every user, item, pasta, EVERYTHING on the wiki. It says that every user is equal, and shares a great message. Amethyst, the Republic Sphere, represented the Republican taste to the wiki, calling Cyber Battles "wars" and giving everyone a taste of Latin. The Ruby Sphere, wisdom, helped maintain peace in the wiki, preventing future wars, and giving off love to the wiki. Gold represented Empathy. It was to help the Ruby Sphere with its job of peace, to give everyone compassion. It helps everyone fix grammar edits on pages and gives everyone the want to do good deeds. Courage was the Platinum sphere. It is there to help everyone out with their worries and discomfort. It also does a job in preventing procrastination. The final sphere, Osmium, represented Fury. It is to state that if a war breaks out, every user will fight with absolute power to wipe out the enemy.

This wiki seemed like a perfect place to stay. Friendly users, a delicate balance of the ecosystem, and creativity.

Of course, with good comes bad.

Every once in a while, a new user will pop up on the wiki through the entrance. This user isn't here to contribute, it’s here to cause trouble. Most of them take pages out of their pillars and scribble the life out of them. They then put them back in and repeat the process. Of course, an admin will find this individual and ban them, teaching other vandals not to do this.  

Unfortunately, this is only the lower end of the spectrum.  

There are some users who are serious about vandalism. They might do multiple offenses at once or even fight in whole groups. The worst end of the spectrum is public enemies, the absolute hellfire of destruction. These bandits are or were a huge threat to the wiki. Most of them keep returning after being banned to just screw over the wiki even more. They include Grifter, Ryan, Hillbilly, and ThatGuyEntity. They normally vandalize, spam threads and do lots of other nasty stuff to the wiki.

However, we haven't even TOUCHED ThatGuyEntity.

ThatGuyEntity, better known as ThatGayEntity, is the worst of the public enemies. He doesn't just fight on our battlefield, he makes his own. Yep. He created his own wiki and the users fought on there like madness. He normally keeps coming back to cause trouble. Many think he's retarded (Which he is) when really he's a little kid.

You'll have to read the story to understand what I mean.


  • Grifter, Ryan and a battlefield of bodies.
  • Adventures throughout the air.
  • Yoshfico123, Nk-the-epic, SCP-Deadlock, Chicken10 and possibly more users.

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