Now trollpastas are a thing of the past wiped out bye chicken but before chicken and even during his time trollpastas once ruled this wiki this is the story of how they rose and fell

rise of the trollpasta

The nipple monster was the wikis first real trollpasta. It was silly and a bit inapropriet but it was a very popular page. The wikis creator lifeupstudios liked the story so he made the category for stories like it called trollpasta. The number of trollpastas rose several users requested them to be deleted thuogh they never where not even the real spammery ones thuogh noone could have known what was coming for soon the wiki was about to be split bye rebellion, the first of 3 full scale civil wars. It all started when a gruop of users leed up themaster401 and ittybittybummer tried to get rid of trollpastas once and for all, they removed all contant from pages and added deletion taps, meny of them where soon banned bye lifeupstudios. Trollpasta users took action as well. Non troll users all over the wiki where shocked that lifeupstudios was on the side of the trollpastas. Soon users turned rebel and there was an internet war all over the wiki. dozens of pages where vandlized and harassment was all over the wiki. Meny creepypasta users where troled so baddly the left the wiki never to return and the first trollpasta war ended in a victory for the trollpastas.

fall of the trollpastas

In the spring of 2016 a new civil war was all over the wiki. A unlikely user called chicken had declared war on lifeupstudios. Scp-deadlock had been granted burreant rights bye wikia claimming lifeupstudios was never active. he had given admin rights to themaster401 skeleton123 and chicken. Lifeupstudios attempted to crush the revolution! He gathered up an army of users mostly 303 belivies who all hated deadlock. Chicken used his admin rights to unblock everyone lock on the wiki at that time which he used as a rebellion army. Chicken and his forces totally destroied lifeupstudios and took over the wiki. The new admins seemed good the banned the spammers and other things the where very popular and still are but soon there was a hand reaching out from the darkness to grabb there throats. Chicken went on a mass trollpasta deletion soon there was anger and the anger turned to fury enuogh to over all 4 new admins. As the rumor of the rebellion speared chicken gathered an army to crush am revolt. Soon there was a third civil war Servarl pages where vandlized bye revolters and they begian swarring at chickens followers in there message walls. Chicken fuoght back he deleted half of the trolpastas and banned dozens of users. The trollpasta army never fully recovered. Thuogh the kepted fighting for 1 more today the trollpasta rebellion was over. After the war chicken continued deleting trollpastas most trollpasta users left and soon dramapastas begam more popular today there are nearly no more trollpastas. A nearly 2 year story finally ended.

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