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About Undefined

Undefined is a fake Minecraft creepy-pasta made by me, Pitrioptixiop.

It is not shared on YouTube yet.

It is inspired by Null.

Undefined's look

Undefined has a pitch white skin but with a invisible torso.

What servers does Undefined haunt

Undefined haunts only some multiplayer servers, that are just a group of people enjoying the server.

Signs of Undefined haunting a server

  • There are random stone blocks around. If you go near a stone block, then look in a direction, the direction is blocked by stone blocks. Minecraft will then run out of memory shortly after being surrounded by stone blocks.
  • There are randomly placed wooden doors with signs on them. The signs say a username of a random user on the multiplayer server.
  • You may catch the character of Undefined.
    • If you do so, the screen will glitch out for 5 frames, then Minecraft will run out of memory.
  • Minecraft randomly runs out of memory.
    • The 3rd time you run out of memory, the world you were in's name changes to "cursed011000110111010101110010011100110110010101100100".
    • The 5th time you run out of memory, the world you were in's icon changes to just a pitch red square.
  • The following message randomly appears on the chat:
  • You may randomly hear 5-second long glitching noises in the background.
  • You may randomly teleport 5 blocks below you.
  • Minecraft rarely crashes. [Changes to the dirt background, then closes slightly after]
  • Minecraft rarely goes back to the menu.
    • If it does, there is a 3 to 5 chance that there will be 3 new single-player worlds created: "cursed.fff", "curse", and "oo33oobe". They all have a pitch white square as an icon.
  • If you have your chat opened, randomly a key chosen [which is "E", "Y", "\", "3" or "#"] is typed into the chat.
  • If the user is using Windows, inside the current user's folder is a created json file, named: "uluddf.json".
    • If you attempt to rename it, it shows an error that says  Windows could not find the file.
    • If you open the file trough notepad, all it says is the number 0.

Work in progress.