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So i just bought minecraft from a classmate, before buying it he said 'Hey man, look whatever you do not join/delete/edit or do anything on the world called 'Underwater' especially don't play it, so as i went home i started playing.

So i created a new world and everything was normal, but as i got bored i went to the world Underwater out of curiosity. It was very normal but there was a strange 3x3 island with no trees, blank, just grass. So i decided to swim to find another island. But as i was swimming there was a big hole underwater, i went to it and immediately fell into it, The game crashed.

I rejoined the world, but when i got there it was grey, with no sound the only sound was the ambience, x10 times louder and creepier. I was in a cave, but it wasn't a normal stone cave. The floor was white and the walls around were black, i tried to break them but they were strong just like bedrock, as i was walking and exploring a text on the chat appeared 'No.' 'Yes.' 'WHY' WHY was spelled but they didn't look normal they looked something like this '583095809y5395058210952e58390580951809s' '5392098230n528395238058098353o' 532905832W532905290H528093520Y' I usually run minecraft extremely smooth since i have a very expensive gaming computer, but it was lagging so bad i could barely even walk properly.

The more i explored the more i got bored of it, so i decided to leave when i pressed the leave button it wouldn't work i tried to close the game by pressing x but it also didn't work, i tried to open task manager but it kept crashing before ite even opened, i tried to turn off my pc but nothing happen. So i continued to explore untill there was this figure that looked like a rainbow, full of colors. It started following me, the closer i got the more i lagged so i ran away from it and tried to hide, then suddendly the cave started collapsing, but it wasn't your typical minecraft 'sand collapsing' it was extremely realistic, and every tiny bit of the block kept slowly collapsing. Suddendly i fell even deeper, i was stuck in a room full of red torches, i turned around then i saw the figure. The crash report was blank.