this is the first story of the death_of_the_orignal_AD_BC

Death_of_the_orignal_AD_BC is series of stories where a .exe got a soul so powerful it recreated the universe now to the story

the story

the first

a person found a download that said UnitedMinecraft.exe he downloaded it and loaded it the name changed to UnitedDeath.exe he tried to delete it but it turned to a blue screen saying if you delete me i WILL TAKE YOUR SOUL LIKE YOUR BODY IS A SOUL

he was scared he played it

Note: Person is the person in this story

now back to the story

Person: hello anyone?

UnitedDeath.exe: error error 505 error error

Person: wat is a error error 505 error error

UnitedDeath.exe: summoning UnitedDeathInfo

UnitedDeathInfo: wat do you need to know

Person: wat is a error error 505 error error

UnitedDeathInfo: a error like the null error in Java but a error in UnitedDeath-Code Code language

Person: wat is the UnitedDeath-Code Code Language

UnitedDeathInfo: a windows and linux and Mac OS X language made out of C++ and C# on windows and on Mac OS X isnt known linux isnt known

UnitedDeathInfo: unsummoning

Mr.DeathKing500: MINE AND KILL THE VILLAGERS OR I WILL TAKE YOUR SOUL (Note: in the creepypasta Person seen it in russian as the UnitedDeath.exe were made by Russians that lived in Russia)

Person: you spell russian i dont how words in russian but ik if its russian because

UnitedDeath.exe: Activating Killer 60606060606060606060606060606060606060606060606

Person killed by the master killer machine due to not listening

when poeple are killed in UnitedDeath.exe no soul is in the body anymore it is taked to Mr.DeathKing500 to destroy the universe it didnt work it only made the Universe restart in the year 17 Trillion BC2

and BC2 was basicly the BC after the destroyed of the universe

the second part (in real life)

the Godians listed were put in 17 Trillion BC2

xBarkPuppy1 (the Barkian God)

2cooljoshua (the 2coolian God {sub barkian god})

and more Sub Barkian Gods

List of races that were put in 17 Trillion BC2


and all other sub barkian races

all of the poeple when are we

The Messanger: the beginner of The restart of the universe we need to destroy UnitedDeath.exe and Mr.DeathKing500 and under we need to time travel back to the year 1700 in Russia where the orignal Russians were born the orignal death Russians if i should say and stop them from making Mr.DeathKing that borned more death Russians that could mate that would make the modern day with UnitedDeath.exe


all of Godians: NO YOU FOOL

MrDeathKing500 disappears

and the barkians and the godians time travel back to 1700 Russia

death russians: who are you (in russian)

barkian and godians: YOU WILL BE KILLED FOR MAKING MR.DEATHKING500 THAT RESTARTED THE WHOLE UNIVERSE (used a godian Translation device to say it in russian)

Death Russians: HET (het is no in russian and i wont type it in russian letters because my keybroad has no russian keys)

barkians and the godians fought againist the death russians and the time travel was fixed to go to 2017 AD

The Messenger: good job the UnitedDeath.exe is on a disc trough somehow so go to Siberia the location of the disc to destroy UnitedDeath.exe and here you go a supercomputer device it will go into a laptop and because UnitedDeath.exe is a god exe only a godian or god device computer can destroy it and you should destroy it xBarkPuppy1 and after you remove it from the disc destroy the disc because it can teleport back to the disc

xBarkPuppy1 uses the device and removes UnitedDeath.exe and destroy the disc

but before he could he got sent back to the year 50 BC by Mr.DeathKing500

Mr.DeathKing500: you cant destroy me you stupid avk

that 2cooljoshua removes it and destroys the disc before Mr.DeathKing500 could it destroy 2cool

the end

Note: the disc was still alive and make it back to 17 Trillion BC2 with a sound of someone dying

see you next

see you next on the next story

Made by xBarkPuppy1 (the offical barkian leader)

xBarkPuppy1's Signature:


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