Unknown World

I started Minecraft 1.8, I was very bored. I was shocked when I saw a world. A world with no name and no mode. I thought someone was trolling me or something. I wanted to go on the world though. I was standing on a bedrock block. Nothing else. The clouds looked like a face and the words 'ITS ME' 'I NEVER FORGET'. I was creeped out. The game crashed. I went back on the game and the world was still there. This time it was strange because there was no animals and no villages. Even no trees. The world was lifeless. Except me. I went mining and found nothing. Not even coal. The world crashed again but this time strangely. The screen went black. I went back on Minecraft again and the world was gone. I created a world I thought was gonna be normal. It wasn't normal though. I spawned in a cave. The stone blocks was blocked me. I broke all the stone blocks I could but I couldn't get out. Everything was stone. It was a infinite cave. Then I saw a unknown entity. It had no face and it was all white. It said 'ITS ME' 'I NEVER FORGET' I couldnt quit Minecraft at all. I tried the only option. Break the computer and get another computer. But in real life in the sandpit it said 'ITS ME' 'I NEVER FORGET' I knew the entity was still haunting me. I couldn't get to sleep but I finally fell asleep. I saw a black shadow with the words 'ITS ME' 'I NEVER FORGET' for the last time....

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