Sincee update 1.5, weird things happened to my world. Flying zombies, undying skeletons, evil pigs, demon textured villagers, and a red entity that shoots red skulls and then shoots a mob. He made it evil but that's only the begging spirit of a dead Minecraft player named CrazyLeader67 and his name is now Stronghold Seer. He was the one who made all these things in my world. CrazyLeader67 also wants revenge from everyone who made him die. I was innocen.t I've never killed somone but he did not care and he crashed my game. I found a code named JAVA_ERROR_1.5_RED_CRASH so I named the red monster 1.5, like the update. I was the only one who has been hacked by him and CrazyLeader67`s spirit, so I'm never playing 1.5, only update 1.5.1. From that day on, I've never seen the creepy red entity and CrazyLeader67.

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