This is my first MC creepypasta

One day, there was a server that was filled with people. Everyone was happy. Because the server was so good, the owner hired many admins. Then, in their arrogance, the owner and his admins started banning people. They were extremely angry, but couldn't do anything. Their neighbors said they saw something glowing brightly in their bedrooms late at night, but nobody believed them. Soon, the owner found a file saying "Forgotten.exe". Perplexed, he opened the file. Instantly Minecraft started. He checked the game for any sign of difference, but there was none. Confused, he shut down minecraft and deleted the file. He opened up real minecraft, and saw a message, "You cannot escape what you have done." Suddenly, he saw something glowing outside his window. It got closer and closer until it exploded. The next day, he was found unconcious, slumped against his bedroom door, with a message written in blood above him. "The forgotten shall rise". When he recovered and went on his server, it said, "Cannot connect to server: Your eternal punishment". Forever, even from different accounts, he never rejoined.

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