Hello and this is my 2nd topic out of my 3 posts, enjoy.

After the last encounter with EnderKurt on my server, I logged back in and played sky wars with my friends. Me, Little Kelly 746, Guardian56, littlecarly170, BlazikenGaming7, and Bowser JR 12375 were the only people that were on, I know all of them. It said

User33136 has joined the game

Kurtwyldemadden Hello, how did u get here?

at first he didnt speak.

Guardian56 Hello?

BOWSER JR 12375 Leave

Kurtwyldemadden wait

Kurtwyldemadden who are you

User33136 I am entity33136, how are you?

Kurtwyldemadden do I know u?

User33136 How are you?

Kurtwyldemadden Are u real?

Little Kelly746 Whoever it is, its probably just an npc or bot.

User33136 You dont think im real?!

Little Kelly746 I didnt say that

User33136 I can read, Im real!!

Then he teleported and cloned himself in front of us, the clones all killed us instantly.

Kurtwyldemadden What the hell. I dont know how u got opped to clone yourself but Im deopping you.

He killed me.

Kurtwyldemadden stop!

User33136 Put away your weapons or she dies!

Little Kelly746 OMG, LOLOL, just kill me Ill respawn.

User33136 Haha

it was like he used command blocks because he attacked us as she kept dying. We ran away and we saw a sign it said goodbye.... The game crashed. I havent seen anyone including my friends since. I remade his skin the next morning.

Part 2 coming soon:)