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This is the story how i found about entity called user_0 in minecraft. It happened in February 2017. I was on a server that i have been playing for about 2 years. It had creative world on it. I love to build so its perfect for me.

One day i joined the server there where just a few people on. I joined to creative world, i looked into tab to see if anybody is on. I was only player at the time. It was normal because i live in different time zone.

I started building on my plot. After some time i heard leaves break. I was confused because first there where no players on and second i din't have anybody added to my plot. As i checked my plot to see what happened i found a sign that says user_0. I quickly exited the server so i can start to record when i logged back my whole plot was full of signs that said user_0. In the middle of the plot was a player. Again i checked the tab. Tab showed that nobody was on. the player had entire white skin except the black eyes.

In a few seconds i was kicked from the server. I was never scared like that in my entire life. When i exited minecraft i noticed all of my icons where scattered, despite i always keep them in corner of the desktop. There was also a text file. It was full of zeros.

That is all for now folks!

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