I love playing minecraft especially when its on the computer it all started when I was playing on my world and when i went out to go get wood I found a werid figure it looked like steve but bloody and I heard a glitch sound and my game crashed I then went back in minecraft and my world was deleted and new world appeared the world was called v12.2 I then played on the world and it was normal exsept I keep hearing creepy sounds in it I then made my house after that I started hearing glitches/corrupted audio and wen I went in my house I saw null and my game crashed agein and I went back minecraft agein and this time I found a new world called null I then entered the world and I it was just a super flat world with only bedrock and I then found 3 signs that said help me forgive me kill me I then freaked out and go and searched out "simular herobrine ghost" and what I found was a post of him the creator of the post clam that he uset to be a worker at mojang he said he know notch's real brother his real brother was named steve who uset to be a mojang worker who was trying to update version 12.2 and made herobrine and died in a fire I then went back on minecraft but this time another world poped up it was called v12.2 removes null I was like "WTH dose v12.2 has a relation with null" I then started playing on the world and I was in a house that I didn't made then I walked and then I found a cave I walked in the dark cave and I walked for 2 hours I noticed that this cave dose not have a end to it so I turned back and walked for 1 hour I stoped I thought that the entrance disappeared so I stopped and v12.2 (aka the bloody steve skined figure) poped infrout of me and said "help me" then my game crashed so I choose to play minecraft agein and went on a server suddenly werid things started happening then v12.2 joined and everyone was kick from the server including admins and I was the only one in

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