It was a cold and rainy day...I was board,very board. I decided to play minecraft. I started looking for a server online. I found one called the dead server, which was a very kool name so I dicided to join. Went I join everything was dark not pitch black but "darkish" you could say. I realized it was from the large dark oak trees everywhere. I ment a player named "scp-deadlock". I asked him why it was called 'the dead server". He didn't reply. Later that day I was mining. A stone block randomly fill like a sand. I looked around and soon more where falling. I ran so not to be killed. One landed full on my head! But bazzarely it went right throw me. After I got out of the mine I soon found I was serounded bye mobs creepers skeletons zombies everything. I had no sword just a pick. I went at them with that. Shockingly they couldn't harm me, well the skeletons arrows could but the mobs themselfs couldn't do anything. It was a massicare althuogh all I had was a pick! After the battle I new I had to find out what was going on. I found scp-deadlock and demanded that he tell me what was going on. "Very well" He begain to rise into the air well saying "come on lost ones come" . Soon players started gathering ,not 1 or 2 nor 1 or 11 but MILLIONS! And even weirder there where 10s r even 100s of the same player even 50 or 60 mes! scp-deadlock sarted to speek "In this server we are not people playing the game we are the dead everytime you die in the game a copy comes here some say the nether is minecrafts hell but its not this is! and now you have invaded and now.." He said drewly his sword along with all others "You will pay!"