Hi everyone. I'm Aaronmythunter, a new moderator of this wiki. I wasn't here when the flame war or the trollpsaga war was happening, but I'm going to write about all vandals and trolls I know so you new guys know about them. Admins can edit them or add them ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


Skeleton32211's original "account" (Wikia contributor") used to be a vandal and troll, however, he has changed.

Status: Not banned.


Behaviour is extreme and insults badly, and asks for user ips.



Behavior is extreme and insults chicken10 and others badly.



Behavour is super extreme and copyrights and tried to overthrow this wiki. Also asks for moderator rank without helping. The Number 1 enemy of this wiki and is also a huge bitch


His copyright wiki status:Closed


Behaviour is bad and insults some pages for NO reason



Behaviour is highly bad and bullies ittybittybumer by insulting him and adding "noobie" and deletion categories in ittybittybumer's pages. Also tries to hide from admins about bullying ittybittybumer by earning trust over the admins.

Status:Caught by SCP-Deadlock and Banned


Used to be a friend of Chicken10, and helped him against SCP-Deadlock and allies in the great "green steve" flame war of Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki. He also vandalised many pages and even some users.

Status: Caught by a VSTF and banned across Fandom.

unkown fandom user

commenly refered to as "the fandom user" former friend of chicken10 lead massve revolt know as the second trollpasta war

status: banned


Posted disgusting picture of sh*t inside a toilet, spammed nonsense, offended JustJuuno once.

Status:First banned by Chicken10, then banned by TheMysteriousHood.


Claimed that a hacker was going to destroy the wiki. Statement was later proved false, he had a lot of heat for a few days than got banned. Unlike most of the people on this list, he was actually a cool guy. He just lied to us all. Even TheMysteriousHood was convinced.

Status: Banned, likely by Yoshifico

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