Hi everyone. I'm ElectroAaronDYnamix, an admin of this wiki. I wasn't here when the flame war or the trollpasta war was happening, but I'm going to write about all vandals and trolls I know so you new guys know about them. Other staff members can edit them or add them 😊👍🏻

Skeleton (Skeleton32211)

Background: When he was an anonymous IP user, he was a vandal and a troll, but he gradually changed his focus to debunking believers when he got his account. He did good for a while and even became an admin, but went inactive and was discovered to have made a fraud wiki.

Type: Treasonist

Status: Not banned, but left and demoted

Ryan (

Background: Ryan is a 10 year old from the Netherlands. He insulted people and also hates Skeleton for no apparent reason, and insulted Themaster402's religion. Started a flame war.

Type: Flamer, Racist

Status: Banned

Grifter (Revaeropium)

Background: Made a false page about Chicken planning to destroy the wiki. Apologised in mid-2017 but then began to say he still hated Chicken. This got him banned, but later on he got unbanned.

Type: Propagandist (former)

Status: Unbanned, Content Moderator

ThatGuyEntity (Ashton Briggs/Luke Cathaway)

Background: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER TWO. Asked for moderator after a few weeks on the wiki (FUN FACT: even asked to be part of FANDOM staff), meddled in situations he didn't know anything about and created a bootleg MCCP (now closed). Didn't give a shit about the fact that this wiki was still active.

Type: Treasonist, Propagandist, Con artist, Revolutionary Conspirator (self-proclaimed), Fraudster

Status: Banned and bootleg wiki closed

MangleRocks (Mangle~Rocks127)

Background: A wiki user from late 2015 who insulted pages for no apparent reason.

Type: Flamer

Status: Unknown/Inactive


Background: Insulted Ittybittybummer and tried to hide it by befriending the admins. Also added 'noobie' and deletion tags to various pages.

Type: Flamer, Vandal

Status: Banned


Background: Used to be a friend of Chicken10, and helped him against SCP-Deadlock and allies in the Green Steve War. He also vandalised many pages and even some users.

Type: Anarchist Vandal

Status: Caught by a VSTF and banned across Fandom.

Unknown Fandom User (

Background: A former friend of Chicken who helped him during the Green Steve War, removing content from profiles. Betrayed chicken and started the second troll pasta war.

Type: Anarchist Vandal, Treasonist

Status: banned


Background: Posted disgusting picture of shit inside a toilet, spammed gibberish and offended JustJuuno once.

Type: Obscene Treasonist

Status: Banned


Background: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER THREE. Claimed that a hacker was going to destroy the wiki. Statement was later proved false, he had a lot of heat for a few days than got banned. Unlike most of the people on this list, he was actually a cool guy at first. He just lied to us all. Even TheMysteriousHood was convinced. He got GREEN0704 banned, but luckily TheMysteriousHood unbanned GREEN.

Type: Liar, Con artist, Manipulator

Status: Banned

The Dead Writer/CajunpowerYT/Nooby Boy Knows

Background: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE. TDW is a user who claimed to write Artiopas and Yoshfico123 stole it from him, he trolled people and told people he wanted them to die, bullied EnderChas and a few others and used sockpuppets and manipulated users by using a sock account called Nooby Boy Knows. Then he went ahead and made a fraud wiki, and stole content from here.

Type: Sockpuppeter, Liar, Fraudster, Manipulator, Vandal

Status: IP banned, fraud wiki closed.


Background: A sockpuppet of DomIsTheBest who came back, and claimed to have teamed up with TDW to get revenge. He vandalised EnderChas and FR0SK01's pages for no apparent reason.

Type: Sockpuppet, Vandal

Status: Banned


Background: A user who vandalised pages, especially those from GREEN0704. He claimed to be able to hack people.

Type: Vandal, Hacker (self-proclaimed, although never confirmed)

Status: Banned

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