The End

I was Playing Minecraft:Pocket Edition 1.1 Beta i was playing in survival i defeated the wither now i have to beat the ender dragon i killed some enderman and craft some eye of ender and found a stronghold i activate the end portal i jump into the portal and it was empty i has no ender dragon no enderman only flat obsidian and a grass pathway and there was a house i went inside it was filled with blood and have many zombies inside i have enchanted armor and a enchanted sword and enchanted axe i used the axe it do much more damage then the diamond sword i killed all the zombies i was teleported to the overworld i was in a dark room with redstone torches and two cages with zombies trapped in with full enchanted diamond armor and a diamond axe i fighted them i killed them then i hear weird sounds then i was teleported to a bloody room with redstone torches and herobrine painting i have no texture packs then someone joined the game

<Wild_hunter_303 Joined The Game>

<Wild_hunter_303>Quit Minecraft now


<Wild_hunter_303>I force you to

He Left The Game

Then i was in the end i killed the ender dragon then my pocket edition crashed and every time i open it it Always Crashes

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