I'm not his first victim. Actually, he didn't hack me, he just scared me. But, he become a psychopath and next, a mad scientist. His first victim was playing normally in Minecraft, when he saw a weird Herobrine with a lab coat and glasses. The mad scientist started throwing potions at the player. He was smart and has many potion machines. He was acting like a real mad scientist, being extremely smart and looked like Herobrine. The player said to call him HeroBRAIN on Twitter, but his account got mysteriously deleted. 2 years later, he was used in a Machinima. This year, I saw him and I ran. 1 of my friends saw him and he was teleported in Withdrow's lab. He found portraits with many people and that's when he got scared. Then, he found him and he killed him. He then quit from his world to create another one. He's been cursed. Withdrow now works with some ghost lord to destroy Minecraft for good. I think he's behind everything creepy in Minecraft.