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This is the story about the psychopathic girlfriend of one player. I have nothing do with that story; I just read what the player did then saw his girlfriend become evil. I was mining for diamonds when I hear something dying. I think, "What was that coming from?" in my mind, and after many minutes of mining, I don't see my wolf. Then I start to know what died. Then someone says me, " Hello." Who could that be? I was playing in singleplayer. Then my girlfriend creeps up behind me, and I say to her, "You killed my wolf. She said, "I thought that was a rat." "Hed, how stupid you can be. You're not my girlfriend any more." She got mad, and her skin changed to blue. She almost looked like Withdrow's last form. She started throwing me fireballs, and she said, "I'm not broken up you! Without your death, I'm dead! Bye-bye honey!" and Minecraft crashed.

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