I am Dominic Stillburgh

The eldest of two children taken care of by parents Melaine Dewitt and Tony Stillburgh. I am fourteen years old, dreaming of becoming a programmer and an avid Minecraft player. I don't give a single s*** if they call me an addict, but I just do it while I'm still young so I can't die unhappy. I am not a procratinator and I do take my chores seriously. I live in South Carolina, __________.

I influenced my friends to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft PCso they won't be left out. I really am a Minecraft, shall we say, addict. I know some in's and out's of the game as well. Now, I ask you: how many seasons were there in Mindcrack's UHC? Precisely, how many subscribers does DanTDM have? What is CaptainSparklez's real name? I can answer them all, but I don't wanna waste more of my time spending it in this off-topic stuff.

It was a Friday morning in the summer. I woke up, my body very hesitant to play Minecraft already, but I took off and headed towards the dining room. My parents are already wearing their business attire, probably going to some presentation or something. I asked, "Where are you going?". Mom went up to me and answered, "Honey, me and your dad are going to the company we're working on, and after that, I'll book us airline tickets so we can celebrate summer!"

Work in progress...

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