PLEASE NOTE: This is not a real CreepyPasta, just something i decided to do

My name is Jamilitah. People just call me Jam.

So one day I opened up the Minecraft launcher, and saw that 1.6 had come out. So I opened it, and when it loaded there was a single-player world I never created. Its name was WORLD:BLANK. And so, curiosity taking over, I loaded the world. All I saw was a 10x10 piece of land, and a sign at the end. I went over the sign, and it read: "Please. Delete this World. I can't be brought back. I will only cause harm. Do whatever you can to get rid of this, Jamilitah. GET RID OF THIS!" At first I thought it was some sort of joke from Mojang, but then I saw it said my real name. The name I hadn't told anybody in at least 6 years. Suddenly, the land disappeared, and I fell into the Void. As soon as I died, Minecraft crashed. The error message was replaced by the picture of some sort of Steve. Steve was missing his head, his left arm, and his right leg. there was blood pouring out of it all, real blood. And there was a message at the bottom. It read: "WHY DIDN'T YOU DELETE IT WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE?" I sat at my computer, shocked. After what seemed like an eternity, but what was only a minute, I searched the image and sign text on Google. I found at least a dozen other people who had experienced the same thing. A little bit later, my computer crashed. I heard footsteps come down the hall. I looked out into the hall. And that's when I saw it. A blank face, green skin, blue clothes and bald head. It was moving towards my room. I dove under my bed, and I heard it come in. It said: "YOU DESERVE THIS. WHERE ARE YOU???" Somehow, with the thing still in my room, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My left arm and my right leg were missing. I felt something strange on my neck. I looked down and saw I had stitches on my neck. Suddenly, I thought of that Steve and what happened to him. At least I survived. I recovered a few months later, the memory still fresh in my mind. I decided to make what you are reading. Hope you all enjoyed-