(This is my first creepypasta so it will probably be s*it)


(edit this if I spell thing wrong or wrong grammar)

Hi I'm Rocky and I have a story to tell you

10:23 PM Thursday 12:

I was wondering what I should play GTA V or Minecraft... I'll play Minecraft.

I decided to go on my private server, My username was R0ckyDaBoss29 and see if any of my friends were on. My friends were Nick or WhenCowsFly28, Alex or Alexthegreat1234, Sophia or GoGoSophia33 And Molly or Chihuahua722.

They where All on

Molly: Hey Rocky

Alex: Yeah hi look at all of these new blocks in the new Snapshot 7.92

Me: WHAT? What new snapshot

Nick: That's what we said... wait I'm gonna Skype you guys

Sophia: Okay

My phone gave me a notification and then I accepted the call

Nick: Hey Rock

Me: Sup guys

Molly: I just think that Alex your going goddamn crazy

Sophia: Jesus it's already 11:02

Nick: Hey, time flys by when friend is going crazy

Alex: I'M NOT CRAZY, look I will show you my screen


Alex:That's XA1 it's A really cool new bloc look

Nick: no don't place I-

Alex: look it's fine, wait someone rang the doorbell be right back

Sophia: Holy S*it look at that it says XA1 joined the game

Molly Nick and Me: WTF

Me: Guys there was a gunshot sound say your name if you are still here

Sophia: Sophia

Nick: Nick

Molly: Molly

Alex: ...


Me: F*ck

Molly: I think it's just a prank guys, and so what he has a new snapshot... probably just a hacker or something

Nick: Yeah, lets all agree to get on at 8:00 am tomorrow okay

Me, Sophia and Molly: Okay

2:36 am:

I decided to investigate since I couldn't sleep and my parents weren't home.I got on my computer

and i logged on to Minecraft

I went back on my private server and pressed TAB It said R0kyDaBoss29 and under that... XA1 the skin was a Steve... but with inverted Colors

<R0kyDaBoss29> How did you get on this only my friends know the IP

<XA1> lock your door}

I sprinted to my door and looked in the hallway, there was nothing there i shut it , locked it and got on my computer

<R0kyDaBoss29 Ha I Got there before you

<XA1> behind you...

I slowly looked around me and I saw nothing... then i looked down and saw Nick’s body with a stab wound in his gut.

I screamed. I looked back at the screen and saw that there was a file downloading in my mods folder, it was called You‘re-next.jar I tried deleting it but it just shut my computer off. Then I saw a reflection in the computer screen someone was behind me with a 44-Magnum in their hand I quickly turned around but it was too late they had already shot me in the shoulder I was loosing a lot blood.

I blacked out And hit my head on my desk.

I woke up in a hospital bed with my Mom and Dad next to me, my Dad said I had been in a coma for 3 weeks.


I had just moved and got everything setup I stared playing CS:GO on my computer I uninstalled Minecraft a long time ago.

But all of a sudden everything went weird and pixely And then I saw the BSOD it said

“We’re sorry your computer is experiencing technical difficulties”

I Wasn’t really worried until I saw something out of the corner of my eye, in my window I saw someone in dark purple clothes and Black bandages wrapped around their head. And then I saw it, a 44-magnum in their hand.

I ran out of my room and saw it coming in the front door. Wait... how did it get there so quick, but then I noticed it was wearing dark red and had 2 deagles instead... there were two

I was cornered, I saw the other one coming at me and it started taking off it‘s bandages I saw who it was My heart skipped a beat

It was Sophia

The other one did the same, it was something inhuman it had bright green eyes and a purple skin And XA1 tattooed all over it‘s face

I was about to Sophia why she was doing this, but then I noticed her throat was slit, she said in a voice that wasn’t her’s

”you must join us, become one of us Rocky become part of the hivemind ”

I said “You’re not Sophia“

I had always been uneasy after after I got shot... so I always carried A glock 18 in my back pocket

I took it out and shot both of them in one swift motion they fell to the ground at the same time.

It seemed like they were connected somehow I shot XA1 again for safety.

I went back to my computer and booted it up again, I messaged Molly and told her what happened

She was responding for almost two minutes straight.

And this is what she messaged ”XA1 XA1 XA1 XA1 XA1 XA1 XA1 XA1“