Hello. My name is Ryan, and I’m 16 years old. I have a Minecraft account, so in my spare time I play Minecraft multiplayer on BedrockCraft. BedrockCraft is actually a Minecraft server that I administrate on under the name TimeWarp, and I’m telling you right now, it’s very fun. Anyways, I was playing with some other people (RobotMcpro12, TheBedrockStatue & FireDragon521). Now, they aren’t the only people on the server, there are “a lot more”. Anyways, we play, play and play until another player comes on. We knew him, he was always strange. He’s a German 14 y/o and doesn’t know English very well, but he’s also complaining about his “WLAN” problems, which I assume means “LAN problems”, but alright. Anyways, he comes on, says “hey” and starts being annoying like every other f**king day, but off topic. We weren’t on the actual BedrockCraft server that day, we were on a clone of it which only specific people can join. Everyone was OP there, except for him, of course. He started asking for creative mode and OP, but come on, he crashed both servers more than twice! Anyways, we refuse to give him OP, so he starts spamming the chat. Here’s the strange thing: He never spams. He only breaks rules normally. So, we turn on the whitelist for the server and kick Ursula off of it. That would mean he can’t join back with any IP, right? Well, he comes back like he normally got kicked.

xXUrsulaXx joined the game

TimeWarp: Bedrock, didn’t you turn on the whitelist?                                          

TheBedrockStatue: idk should I try it again

FireDragon521: Yeah try it

xXUrsulaXx: u did turn it on

TheBedrockStatue: then how did you join?

TimeWarp: I think he’s trying to scare us. Just turn it on again.

[TheBedrockStatue: Turned on the whitelist]

TheBedrockStatue kicked xXUrsulaXx for: Nice try

TimeWarp: There you go. I think he’s gone now.

TheBedrockStatue: yea

FireDragon521: We hope LoL

TheBedrockStatue: idk what to add here

TimeWarp: Looks fully done to me, Bedrock.

RobotMcpro12 joined the game

TimeWarp: Geeze, what took you so long?

FireDragon521: wb

TheBedrockStatue: wb

RobotMcpro12: dw

TimeWarp: Huh?

RobotMcpro12: is not robot

RobotMcpro12: is xXUrsulaXx

TimeWarp: What the f**k?

TheBedrockStatue: hes pranking me

TheBedrockStatue: he does that all the time :P

TimeWarp: Yeah.

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

RobotMcpro12: GIVE ME OP

[Console: Muted RobotMcpro12]

TimeWarp: He’s in his account?!

TheBedrockStatue: …his ip is ursula’s

TheBedrockStatue: omfg

FireDragon521: What do we do

FireDragon521: We cant just permban him

TimeWarp: Otherwise he can’t join on his account…

TheBedrockStatue: fuc

TheBedrockStatue: theres no other choice

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

TimeWarp: No!

RobotMcpro12: do nt worry

RobotMcpro12: I am still here.

TimeWarp: Holy fucking shit!

TheBedrockStatue: wtf ill try again

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

[Console: Banned RobotMcpro12 for 9999mo]

RobotMcpro12: Enough. You can not ban me.

RobotMcpro12: Now give me your accounts.

TimeWarp: Can’t you just hack into them?

[Console: Muted TimeWarp]

TheBedrockStatue: wtf I didn’t do that!!!

TheBedrockStatue: how do you have access to console?

RobotMcpro12 left the game

FireDragon521: thank god

TheBedrockStatue: thank god

TimeWarp: Thank god, huh?

TimeWarp: I am still here.

FireDragon521: Holy shit

FireDragon521: Well we cant ban him

FireDragon521: What do we do

TheBedrockStatue: idk!

TheBedrockStatue: Ursula, wheres robot?

TimeWarp: Do not bother yourself with it.

TimeWarp: He is not with us anymore.

TheBedrockStatue: is he dead???

TimeWarp: Enough.

TimeWarp: I am here for a reason.

TimeWarp: Bedrock, you never gave me OP. You tortured me.

TimeWarp: You made me do everything on my own, and punished me for breaking blocks.

TimeWarp: This is my time now.

TimeWarp: Say goodbye to a friend.

FireDragon521: wait wtf

TimeWarp left the game

TheBedrockStatue: wait so were alone now

FireDragon521: We are indeed.

FireDragon521: I may just change that nickname as well.

FireDragon521 left the game

xXUrsulaXx joined the game

TheBedrockStatue: omg stop

TheBedrockStatue: i will not give you my account

TheBedrockStatue: dats stupid

[Console: xXUrsulaXx has been OPed]

[Console: TheBedrockStatue has been DeOPed]

TheBedrockStatue: stop stop stop

TheBedrockStatue: ok wait no

xXUrsulaXx: You did this to me.

xXUrsulaXx: I will do it to you.

[Console: TheBedrockStatue is now in survival]

TheBedrockStatue: why isn’t my server pro account workin

TheBedrockStatue: it bugged out on me

xXUrsulaXx: Say goodbye to a server…

xXUrsulaXx: Or say goodbye to yourself.

TheBedrockStatue: none! Wtf stop this

xXUrsulaXx: You have ten seconds.

TheBedrockStatue: stop

TheBedrockStatue: this is so stupid

TheBedrockStatue: stfu

TheBedrockStatue: get out

xXUrsulaXx: Three more seconds, friend.

TheBedrockStatue: NO

xXUrsulaXx: I will pick a choice myself, then.

xXUrsulaXx: I pick both.

TheBedrockStatue: STFU

xXUrsulaXx: I will leave you alone for a while.

xXUrsulaXx left the game

TheBedrockStatue: no wait

TheBedrockStatue: fuc

TheBedrockStatue: 42He had a choice.

TheBedrockStatue: What an idiot child.

TheBedrockStatue left the game

[Console: TheBedrockStatue has been OPed]

[Console: lamicedaxeh3030313031313130203031313130303131203031313130313031203030313030303030203031313031303030203031313130313030203031313031303031203031313130313131203030313030303030203031313130303130203031313030313031203031313030313131203031313031313130203031313031313131203031313031313030203030313030303030203031313031313131203031313031313130203030313030303030203031313130303131203031313031303031203030313030303030203031313030313031203031313130313031203031313130313030203031313030303031203031313130313030203031303130303131203031313031303131203031313030303131203031313031313131203031313130303130203031313030313030203031313030313031203031303030303130203031313030313031203031313031303030203031303130313030]

(This pasta is NOT real, of course, it's a fake pasta that's only made for entertainment or something)