Note: This is NOT REAL. Idk why you guys think all these are real

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RUN NOW BEFORE HE COMES.


So I was very excited because yesterday was Christmas and I Got Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

Though something was odd on the cover none of the sprites had eyes but I shook that off.

So anyway I got started playing right away, I started survival (I didn't have XBox live so I did singleplayer) but something was up. Chickens had no eyes, cows had blood splattered on them. by now i was freaked out, so I just ran. I was teleported in front of a nether fortress and my screen went to static but then my XBox crashed. I turned it back on and it went straight to Minecraft and it said "Minecraft Xbox 666 edition" and the buttons were die, kill and exit life. I chose Die cause that was where singleplayer was and right now it is load... Oh, my god. PLEASE HE..............................W e l c o m e t o y o u r h a p p y p l a c e s

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