Work in progress!
This pasta is unfinished and is likely to be a journal-type pasta. If this page has not been edited for a while, then contact the author. In extreme cases, add a part yourself.

This is a different type of pasta. Not a bad type, but a different type. 

CTS stands for Continue the Story.

The goal of this pasta is to let different users contribute chapters. They have to be in similar styles and have the same characters. Also, the chapters can't be filled with quips and jokes. 

Chapter I (WaffleDinosaur)

Michael crept through the dark hallways of his home at night. The darkness never had frightened him but for some reason, he was on edge, at least on that particular night. Perhaps it was because of a story he had read online, or because his friends had pressured him into smoking marijuana. Any of those reasons could've been the one, but that's not what we're focusing on.

Michael usually played singleplayer Minecraft, building things and testing out mods the community had made. He never played on multiplayer, though.

Anyways, as he tip-toed down the looming hallway, up the stairs, and into his bedroom, Mike remembered something he had seen on one of his worlds in Minecraft.

It could've been a glitch, but Michael had seen a few glitches in his life, and this didn't look like one. It was a vibrant yellow block in the middle of a flat-world. It wasn't a gold block, as he couldn't break it, and it wasn't some sort of ultra-wool because it was completely yellow. He pondered what it was, but he just couldn't think of anything.

As he laid in his bed, different theories whizzed throughout his mind. This singular block was tormenting him, he couldn't sleep because of it. Eventually, he did fall asleep, though this lack of knowledge was aggravating him like he had fallen down on an ant mound.

Chapter II (Anonymous)

Michael woke up early the next morning, due to the discrepancy within his mind about the yellow block. He felt slightly sick, and coughed away some of his ill feeling. He shuffled over to his PC, and logged on to Minecraft. He went on the aforementioned flat world, and was a bit surprised that the block was still there. First, he tried the TNT, then the dark oak growth trick to try and destroy it, or at least elicit some sort of reaction. 1 hour and 3 coffees later, the block was still sitting pretty, surrounded by mars in the surface of the world from repeated tests.

Finally, Michael accepted defeat, and left the block alone. He played alongside his friends on their servers. It happened slowly. Michael started to notice the worlds looked a little off. The lava was just a little too yellow, the water just a little green, and the pigs seemed ... redder ... than usual. Then he found the block again. It appeared just right next to one of the wells that can be found randomly in the desert. He took out his iron pic, and tested the block. Nothing. The colour seemed to pop out from the screen; a garish yellow put against the Minecraft world's slowly deteriorating colour quality.

He decided to leave the block alone, and sprinted towards a village in the distance. At the village well, two of the yellow blocks were seated around the well. Michael was annoyed, but it was only two, so he went to bed as the Minecraftian sun set in the distance, and right after, logged off. The next day, when he got onto Minecraft, the block had replaced many blocks in the village. Now Michael was really angry, and immediately logged out to pull up an e-mail screen.