June 17th 2016 (QwersYas' encounter)

It all started today when I was playing Minecraft on my computer.

I created a world with a random seed like "beeswax" or something.

As the terrain loaded, I spawned in a plain biome, with grass and trees and sheeps roaming around and things you'd expect to see in a normal biome.

Idk what to do, so I just started to chop down trees. Just when I was about to chop down the sixth tree, my screen kind of blurred out for a while, and turned back on. Now, I don't believe in Herobrine, Null or 303 stuff, because they are just some creepypastas and my friends say that they exist just to make me feel scared or something.

I just thought it was some sort of a bug, so I just continued chopping down the tree.

Then all of a sudden all of my wood was gone! What in the world was that all about? I seriously hope this isn't Gourmand messing around with me, because it's just a cool bone chilling pasta in some minecraft creepypasta wiki.

I started hunting for trees again, but everytime I got over 6 wood blocks all of my inventory would be gone again.

I was starting to get nervous, but bravery went inside me and I finally had the courage to contact the entity who was messing with me.


No response.

QwersYas:I know you are here

After about 3 minutes I got a shocking response:


QwersYas:WHO IN THE FREAKING WORLD ARE YOU? Some sort of a hack?!

Y3Ll0_JaCk3t:I am a being know as /12////::@@&:&::7:):):/$/$/$/$/&/8282////!!?//8/&/

QwersYas:Answer the question, now!

Y3Ll0_JaCk3t:Measure your next words very carefully, QwersYas.

That kind of creeped me out, but still I said word that I regreted not to say.


Y3Ll0_JaCk3t:Because I am here, and you will know it the hard way...

And just then some yellow figure walked to me, and then the lights in my room went out.

The yellow figure had a yellow hoodie skin with a black interior with red eyes and with a girl hair.

Y3Ll0_JaCk3t:I am here as you see, and now--99/929292929292/&&//&/$$/-&@1-09--88//$/&

And just like that my computer restarted and I began to hear girl whispers, and I think they were from "Yellow Jacket".

"I am here...."

"I am the real..."

I began screaming, and then suddenly I heard knocks on my door. The knockings got louder and louder, and I wish that whoever was knocking my door was acting like a maniac.

So I grabbed the baseball bat from a sports shop that I bought and stood at the door, ready to hit whatever would pounce on me.

Slowly, I holded the door handle, and I swinged the door open, and....


Shocked, I saw Dad lying on the ground with a big red bump on his head, yelling at me for hitting him with a bat. He also added that the house electricity was cut off and thick fogs are covering everywhere, painting everything white.

I apologized him and I told him about the "Yellow Jacket" and how "she" hacked and threatened to kill me, which sounded pretty awkward for Dad.

Dad said it was probably the internet trolls who scare people for fun, but I didn't believe him. The whispers didn't explain the trolling.

He said he's gonna stay in my room so he could check on me, and it sounded good to me when some yellow girl is trying to end your life.

I glanced at my computer, and the screen has turned yellow.

There was a bloody text on the screen that kind of scared me:


-Yellow Jacket

I showed it to Dad, but when his eyes pointed to the screen, my computer was back on again. I lost all of my games except the old version of minecraft.

Dad was kind of unhappy that this "yellow girl" hacked my games and all that's left is a stupid old version of minecraft.

I held my breath, and double-clicked the old minecraft icon...

To be continued...

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