Hi, it's fico.

I have been on this wiki for roughly two years, and I am one of the most respected, and popular users in this entire wikia. However, it wasn't always this way.


I joined this wiki on February 14th, 2015. I haven't made any sort of "Hello" document to greet me. I just jumped right in without knowing what I was doing. I was tricked by LifeUpStudios, as I had joined the wiki during his reign. I thought many people were insulting him because they were vandals. There was a note on the page for "Skeleton and Q-16". I thought that skeleton was a vandal, but I never really realized WHY the users were insulting LifeUp.

I had created my first pasta, Adf352, and had completed the first few paragraphs, this was before I had a good talent for writing pastas, so, the first revision looked strange. this being my first pasta, it laid dormant for about nineteen months, and I was never bothered to finish it. I wasn't too popular. So not many people thought of me as an experienced user.

I was quite inactive for some time after that. I really didn't have much to do. I DID come back every now and then to see if anything had changed.

November was a really big month for me. I had the idea to make a user suggested, neverending tale of Herobrine, 303 and all of the other creepypastas, and how they teamed up with a user to defeat a hacker known as "Haljack" or "XYZ". That tale was "Storying". I was bored and didn't have very many ideas while creating the title, so I just combined "Story" and "ing" to Storying.

This pasta isn't very exciting. No, it isn't.

The text in the italics is the first two sentences of the story. You can see the full revision at the bottom of this page. Unlike Adf352, I was excited to continue this story. I didn't know why, but I just was. The first two pages I wrote weren't very exciting, though.


2015 wasn't very much, but 2016 was a HUGE year for me.

While Storying was still in effect, and Adf352 laid dormant, I came back every day to work on Storying, but lost interest ever so slowly. I then had the idea to make a page with bad spelling and grammar to make some users laugh. It didn't really work out, though. That page is known as "BrineisPoop". I created the page to tickle the reader's funny bone, but it ended up getting deleted. So I won't focus on that.

In June, Deadlock took over the wiki. For me, I didn't know why, since I was oblivious to LifeUpStudios' inactivity. I really didn't do very much in that month.

I was starting to realize, what I really needed to do was to get to know the wiki a bit more and create my first CREEPYPASTA. That is "Something". I had created it and worked on the first chapter. It remained dormant for about 2 months. But in the end, it turned out as an ACTION pasta.

Since then, I had become a pasta writer and a pretty popular person. I wasn't really going to work on Storying very much anymore, so the time had come for it to be deleted.

Okonapik was created out of the amusement of chapters. I wanted to see how long a pasta could possibly be, thus being limited. That pasta has also been dormant, and as of January 6, 2017, it hasn't gotten done yet. I had worked on making friends and had become a lot more popular than before.

In September, I had met my closest friend on the Wikia, Nk-the-epic, and had finally taken Adf352 out of dormancy, and finished it.

In October, I had made lots of new friends, and have been making some amusing blog posts/comments. Nothing much for that month.

Nothing truly happened until December, where I found the Minecraft Creepypasta Competition. I had chosen to participate and created my entry pasta. What started out as an entry, had gotten itself into the possibility of being a trilogy. That is "Artiopas". The trilogy that tells the story of a tormented hacker.


To this day, I have been one of the most well known and respected users and pasta writers on this entire wikia. I have made lots of friends, and am very happy to be here. (:





Storying (Archived revision)