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I have recently been browsing YouTube for Minecraft videos, mainly Herobrine sighting videos so I can see how fake they are, however I came across something odd....

One of the videos was published sometime in 2014, What intrigued me the most was the video's name "yraniB - New Minecraft Creepypasta?". It caught my eye and I watched it until the end, I looked through the other videos just to find that it was a parody of fake Herobrine sightings, it then got me in the mood to play some Minecraft so I launched the latest version, 1.11.2.

The game started up and I clicked singleplayer, and started to browse through my worlds, I noticed a world that wasn't there before called "R E T U R N I N G N O W". I looked at screen and finally decided to enter the world. I spawned on a block of glass as the world loaded more, revealing what was below me, all that was there was netherrack, lava and netherwarts, I looked back up and saw a figure standing on another block of glass not too far away from me, he had his head down but I coukd still see his facial features, he looked like the HD version of the default Steve skin, however his right eye was black and he had grey parts all over his body with a pale, teal green shirt, he raised his head slowly, looking at me. I had no idea what was happening, my hands were trembling with fear as the mouse shook violently, I then looked at the chat and saw that he had typed something out, resulting in a chat between us.

<X_Hyrofrog_X>Who are you?

<yraniB>001 My name is yraniB

I froze in shock, realizing that he was yraniB, the same player who was in the video I watched, I managed to type to him as my hands were shaking

<X_Hyrofrog_X>You're real???

<yraniB>110 Yes I am

<X_Hyrofrog_X>But didn't that guy on YouTube expose you? admitting he created you?

<yraniB>I ordered him to do so, that way people will think I'm fake and will never see me coming..

<X_Hyrofrog_X> O_O

<yraniB>What's with the face, Kyle?

My eyes widened in horror, he knew my real name, Kyle.


<yraniB>101 What do I not know?

<X_Hyrofrog_X>You're freaking me out..

<yraniB>It's what I was made for..

<X_Hyrofrog_X>Why are you haunting me out of all people?!

<yraniB>You're curious, you don't believe in us

<X_Hyrofrog_X>Do you mean..

<yraniB>Yes, Herobrine, Entity 303, Null, The Red Steve, Green Steve. We. Are. Real.


<yraniB>The creators were forced..


<yraniB>This has gone on long enough..

<X_Hyrofrog_X>What do you mean??????

<yraniB>I'm saying..


<yraniB>D I E ! ! ! ! !

I made my character look down to the ground, the ground had been overflowed with lava, the glass block underneath me broke and I fell into the lava. As I was burning I heard some creepy, distorted, glitch noises.

I have never been the same after that incident, my Mom and my Sister passed away as soon as I closed the game, my grandparents moved to America after hearing about their deaths, however my dad and brother are still the same and look after me, if anything, this is his doing....this is the work of an evil entity who is hellbent on destruction and genocide on the world of Minecraft. This is yraniB

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