Another upcoming creepypasta by Aaronmythhunter.

I promise I can finish both of my future pastas. I suggest that this maybe inappropriate for young children and gave them nightmares, because I'm gonna add some horde of scary words and I think this is the first creepypasta to start with the word, Z.


It was midnight and it was raining heavily. I was playing minecraft on a server with my friends. We were mining coal until a error appeared, saying:"Unknown Error:Code(Z37D3BRA)". We were confused, and on the chat someone named "Z37D3BRA", who didn't came in with "Z37D3BRA joined the game" chatted:" HSIWAEKAM". I then figured out it was a backwards version of "MAKEAWISH"! I thought it was this bloody freak named "Entity_303", so I chatted it,:"Who are you?", and it replied,:"303_YtitnE si ekaf. Laer enirboreh si em!" in blood red font text. I got freaked because it actually was:"Entity_303 is fake. Real herobrine is me!". My friends chatted me on skype, until something purple glowed in the back of my friend's room, and a faint voice called out,"Zeldebra may take you to hell."